The Break - By Patricia Bright



 We’ve all seen it...

instagrammer | youtuber | Influencer

…emblazoned across bios everywhere, but what do these terms actually mean and more importantly how are people using their influence to create legitimate, successful online businesses?

Well if you’re fed up of scrolling through profiles, obsessing over channels and dreaming of a better life, then this is the course for you!

it’s time to embrace your social prowess


In this digitally captivated era we’ve all been given an equal measure of opportunity to create and it’s right at the end of your finger tips



  • You are fed up with the mundane everyday

  • You want to find freedom and confidence in building a side hustle

  • You want to use your passion, skill, or knowledge to develop a brand online and generate an income

  • You have a product, or service idea that you want to grow via social media

  • You want to learn how to ‘market’ yourself through social media but don’t know where to start

  • You want to evolve as an influencer and take your social media platform to the next level and develop a deeper understanding of growth strategies


So now, let’s talk about you. Are you:

  • An aspiring Instagrammer or YouTuber?

  • A would be Influencer?

  • Trying to make some extra cash online?

  • All of the above...?  

Well then,
I wrote this course specifically for you.

For the individual who yearns for more, who wants to tap into the power of social media and find their own unique corner of the internet.


I’m a wife, mum and Youtuber and I’ve spent the last 10 years building my brand Patricia Bright online. Everyday I pinch myself because I currently have one of the fastest growing YouTube channels in the UK with a combined digital audience of over 3 million. Through my platforms I’ve carved a niche to share my opinions on fashion, beauty, travel, lifestyle and personal growth. I’m candid, conversational, keep it 100% and bring a fresh perspective, and there are people out there who care to listen - crazy I know!

These opinions have taken me to places I never thought imaginable, I’ve travelled the globe to areas of the world I didn’t even know existed, worked with some of the biggest brands in the world, become a published author and launched my own products.

I understand what it takes to build a successful social media based business, foster deep and meaningful connections with my audience and the brands I work with, turn over 7 figures and still be relevant over a decade later.

I want to share my pearls of wisdom, pitfalls, red flags, cheat sheets, crib notes (all the things they don’t tell you) so that you don’t have to make the same mistakes I did and you can create a platform/brand of your own.

When it comes to building a brand identity you have to find your story, your reason to be, your niche in this space. 


This is the practical, implementable no bullshit guide; prepare to be inspired, but more than that, prepare to get going! 

With the right know-how, a willingness to make sacrifices and by committing like you’ve never committed to anything before, you can create the life you’ve always dreamed of.

This is that break, your break away from the status quo.

Your break away from just going through the mundane motions of life.

Your big break.



 Dreaming is powerful, but execution can be life changing;

This course will walk you through the execution step by step.



During this course you will: 

  • Learn what you need to do to create your own personal brand  

  • Learn how to plan and create content 

  • Find your inner x factor (that secret sauce) that’ll make you stand out from the crowd 

  • Monetise, monetise, monetise your platform(s), via alternative revenue streams including ad revenue, sponsorship, affiliate income and product creation 

  • Develop and sharpen your business acumen - set yourself up as a business from the start

  • Identify coping mechanisms that work for you when things get tough

 I’m so incredibly excited for you to join me on the journey. It won’t be easy, but then again nothing worth having comes easy. It takes consistency, the rewards, however, can be a beautiful thing. Don’t be fooled by everything you see on the gram, it’s not all glamorous living and shiny airbrushed photos. But when you do uncover your sweet spot, that perfect mix of individuality, innovation and value, then I promise you the possibilities are endless 


 the modules

Over 9 modules I will take you through:


Module 1

My back history and journey, this will be an opportunity for you to identify your goals for the course.


module 2

Case studies, success stories of other global Influencers  - to use as reference to define what YOU can do.


Module 3

Personal branding and setting yourself up as a business.


module 4

Tips and tricks for creating exceptional content, establishing and growing your audience.


module 5

Developing your business acumen, financial management and legal responsibilities, company set up.


module 6

Knowing your worth and how much to charge, making money, securing deals sponsorship, negotiating.


module 7

Expanding your team, when to get help, who to involve and how to work with others.


module 8

Tackling the big issues and how to handle it when things go wrong.


module 9

Celebrating your successes, reflections and stepping your game up.


Don’t wait another moment longer.
Unleash your social power, get involved, start today


Price: £45.00


I have the opportunity to create the content I love - and share it with an audience who are not only followers, but friends - as a great privilege. Having started my career in a very traditional manner studying accounting and finance at university, I went on to spend a number of years in the corporate world of investment banking. I always found it hard to shake my creative urges; that burning passion to express myself  through fashion and beauty set my soul on fire. Try as I may, I simply couldn’t ignore it! There came a point where I had to make the choice to either continue the Rat Race or do what I loved. I chose the latter, and so far it’s been the best decision of my life!

That was 10 years ago, but I know I’m not alone in experiencing those feelings, that notion that there must be something more to life than how I’m currently doing it. Fast forward to present day and here I am inspiring, motivating, and helping others daily – I couldn’t imagine myself doing anything else - but none of this would have happened if I didn’t take the initial leap and make my break away from ‘normality’.


And now it’s your turn

This is it. The time is now. No more excuses.


Price: £45.00